Welcome to DORA ART

Dora was born in Dublin and today lives in St Andrews by The Sea, New Brunswick, Canada. She attended the Ontario College of Art & Design and has been studying with masters such as Roger Dellar, Grahame Booth, John Dinan and Dawn Oliver and Chinkok Tan since 1990 and has been successfully teaching for a decade. Her “Absolute Beginners” series of workshops has inspired many to pick up a paint brush with curiosity and trepidation and to put it down with confidence and self- satisfaction.

Her emphasis as an instructor is on personal expression and the development of students’ individual style in a collaborative, supportive and encouraging atmosphere. There is no right or wrong way in a Dora class! Great attention is paid to each individual student and his/her work. Colour is a point of focus; her Pallette is vibrant, assertive and fun. She has been leading workshops in Olhao, Portugal since 2017 and will be again in 2020.

Her work is colourful and naive. She always aims to keep “The Funk” in her work.

She has been exhibiting every year since 1999. Her works are in Ireland, San Diego, Dallas, Charleston, Nova Scotia and Toronto. Her works are hanging at WWF, Toronto and Brandes International.